im so poorly and i wish, i just wish i could afford a doctors appointment and some nausea mediaction and pain meds and so on but thats so unrealistic, instead i have to deal with feeling like the world is crushing me

My shorts are so rad

My shorts are so rad


The Drinker of Dreamsused this stock as refi havent posted art in kind of a while so like get ready for a flood


The Drinker of Dreams
used this stock as ref

i havent posted art in kind of a while so like get ready for a flood

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I’m kind of surprised that we haven’t had a Roman Holiday AU yet, with Charles as the Prince and Erik as the reporter.

In her reply, black—betty said,

oh…my god. That’s actually perfect, but Roman Holiday always kills me because they can’t be togetheeeerrrrrrr :((((

Although there was going to be a sequel! Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn both received proposals for it, but it never happened.

You could assume, for the purposes of the AU, that the sequel would have them get together. Just sayin’ :>

Oh my gosh, really!!?? I never knew that they were going to do a sequel!!! That amazing, but also makes me mourn what SHOULD could have been!

Obviously someone needs to write this Roman Holiday AU and give us the ending we all wanted AND DESERVED!!! 

I know it’s not exactly the same, but in Anarchy In The UK Charles is the prince and Erik is a reporter and it’s hella cute

i'd love you if you write some headcanons with deaf seb :)

Ahh I’m really glad somebody else wanted this, because it’s what I planned to write tomorrow!

So I’m really feeling my mormor ‘disabled’ headcanons. Bc representation is so great!! If you want me to write any headcanons based on a certain thing, I will definitely write it, provided I think I can do it justice!

Jim Moriarty having a wall sized whiteboard in his apartment that’s constantly filled with complex equations from corner to corner.

Sebastian at first learning that Jim is autistic and thinking ‘yeah it figures he comes across as a freak’, because at first he’s a generally uneducated asshole.

Jim finding out Sebastian is an uneducated asshole and sitting him down to school him on autism. Sebastian being tearful and incredibly apologetic afterwards, and doing everything he can to be a good allistic friend. 

Jim having stim toys strewn all over the apartment and Sebastian tripping over the tangle toy every single fucking time.

Sebastian being cold one night and dragging a blanket over himself on the sofa and freaking out because ‘holy shit does this think have weights or something why it is so heavy’ and Jim just rolling his eyes at him

Jim wearing noise cancelling earplugs when he’s having a bad sensory day, and Sebastian not realising and having an hour long conversation without realising Jim hasn’t even heard him.

Sebastian encouraging Jim to rely on him on bad days, and telling him it’s okay to need someone to lean on every once in a while.

Jim waking up in the middle of the night to find Sebastian sat up with a notepad, memorising Jim’s routines, making a list of the things that overstimulate him and the things that calm him down, and Jim feeling a little bit warm inside.